Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aunt Helene's wedding dinner

Over the weekend i had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my Beautiful Aunt Helenes wedding heres some of the family pics
thats me with the red hair of course im hot!!!!

Lincoln Dreams

Ok lets start off with the fact i dont even know how to drive (lmao) but i do have an intense need for speed!!! this bad boy right here is the 2010 Mustang (drools uncontrolably) apparently Mustang is taking it back retro for this make it is soooooooo hot !!!
but.... my number 1 dream car (drum roll pleaaaaasssseee)
the lincoln MKS
my heart cant take no more
the ideal dream car look at her curves!!!!

(she got a lil booty lol)

so one day you'll see me pushing this sexy thing though a town near you and i'll be looking slightly dazed and confused and and drooling just ever so lightly .... dotn be offended if i dont notice you... im just in love!!!!

Welcome All to a New Start

Welcome all to my humble blog, its glad to meet you lol, no really, tot hose of you visiting my Blog for the first time, this is my first post and hopefully there will be plenty more to come!!!!! I will be keeping you posted on my comings and going around this good ole city of NY and an added bonus my trips around the country and might I add the world lol so stay tuned and enjoy the show... feel free to comment either good or bad is welcome