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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ALL of my Tatts

Ok just in case you dont know...heres the rundown of my tatts Before My stomach was done ^^^ the colt 45's are my protectionan angel on my side in representation of my mother she's my angel and the series of suns and moons and stars at her feet are to show she's above them all, she's higher than all else (my mother is still alive by the way)4 hearts for my 4 sisters Andrea, Lisa, Celeste, SHerrya Butterfly on my Right Foot for my Grandma (RIP) reminds me to keep my right foot forward and dont give upmy Baby Tiger Josie aka Josie and the pussycats lol i used to love that cartoon3 intertwined hearts for my hearts my great niece kimora in the middle and My great nephews Kevin and Kahsim to either sideand of course the love of my life my Hood Far Rock!!!!
and last but not least my newest addition to the collection which is the beginning of my back piece my work entitled "free" followed by the quote "Black is Beauty"

Monday, April 6, 2009


OK so this is me on my birthday in august lol but in about a month and a half me and this bed swingy thingy i almost died trying to get on will be reuniting in CANCUN!!!!! omg i can not wait!!!!!!!! vacation!!!!!!! omg nothing is better than letting go of all your you see how stress free my face is? you just dont know.... i suggest all of my friends to go to and get a frikin ticket NOW!!!! its hella cheap (well mine isnt Villa's are expensive :-\) but for a really nice all inclusive is only like 4something including airfare so theres no reason for me to not see all of my friends there!!!!!

The Wait is Over Due to Popular Demand!!!!

OMG i am so in love with this tatt!!!!!! i've had it for a few months now and im soooooo sorry to keep you all waiting but here she is "Free"\ "Black is Beauty". The rose is an original piece done by my good friend Russell from VA that was like 5 years ago lol the rest of course has been added on..... But wait this tatt is soooo not done yet more of it to come sooo hold tight... let the back piece begin!!!!!