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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

23-The Age of Truth

So im growing up looking at the times that have passed me by the hard times that made me weak and the good times that made me strong Wondering how i've made it this far without giving up somedays i think to myself how much longer can i go on in this life so much in the way of what i want to be doing so many obstacles obsrtucting my path i wonder how my mother managed through the years she has 40 years on me and her life has been nothign but hell yet she still lives on and hasnt given up. Do i have it in me to last 40 more years i close my eyes and cant imagine myself growing old and wrinkled since i was small i always felt that i'd die young that i'd one day look up and there was a bus, a car or a bullet never had anything to do with my surroundings yeah i grew up in the Projects but my mother protected me from all of the violence it was just like when youre young and you say i want to have a family and get married you get that far off gaze and you can imagine life when you get older all i saw was darkness never could imagine a big house and picket fence Now here i stand at 23 most would say im still young and have lots to live for and i still have so many things i would like to fullfill and the only thing i can do is hope to get stronger strong enough to hold on strong enough to make it to where i rightfully belong because although i always felt as though i couldnt last on this world forever i also knew i was destined for greatness that my mind is a force and full of power that anyhting i want i can have and that if i wanted to i can live forever i am something like the world has never seen and something it is not prepared for because once i get on my set path i'll never let my feet stop moving until they are covered in caluses, cracked and bleeding the only thing i can do is be Amazing

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