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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What i am is something Amazing

something like youve never seen walk with a determination that surpass' high self-esteem misses she likes her hair dyed red and lots of tattoo's stillettos on her feet but she loves them jays too doesnt work out but you love her shape something youre dying to lay next to even when your relationship is high at stake eventhough you know she speaks ready quick with a slick tongue cant help but to let her words embrace and caress you once she's begun she doesnt have long strands of locks but her hair stays in a fresh du' when she moves she dances, even when theres no music to step to and you love her cause she knows how to raise a child, with no kids of her own so she likes to act wild, know the kind pretty, witty, girly wirly but when she presses play she got that blueprint on and at the end of the day she knows when to come home and when you feeling shit out of luck she'll stay up on the phone if you needed money you can call on her cause she's making her own, plus when the lights off you like to play her favorite song she writes poetry, the type you read and hope its all about you you like the way she stands, you know that cocky double jointed stance she does all the right things, says all the right words knows when youre in pain, and trust,oh yes she can heal the hurt even when she sweats you call it a thing of beauty cause her skin glistens like 24kt or that platinum jewelry she loves to read. mostly science fiction, you call her your crazy boo or sometimes TLC cause she's also Sexy and Cool she rolls with the fellas, knows how to fight too and if it ever goes down you know she'd be right beside you so when they ask "who is that girl, whats her name?" all you got to do is tell 'em she's something like you'll never experience cause something like her is one in a million and that you'll do anything to make sure she's never going away, never wants to leave you

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