Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guidance for the Lost

Now it seems that my fellow blogger StarBoy knows how to treat a lady, the rest of you need a lil help " too many brothers want to be lovers dont know what romance is"... of course most of you know thats from the big homie Jay... but most of ya'll still dont know what it means. Too many of ya'll niggas out there want to claim youre in love or at least that you really feeling your girl or whatever chick you messing with (most of ya'll also scared of being cuffed lol) but you aint acting like it, you are not showing her thats how you feel. It one thing to say something and an entirely different thing to show they say actions speak louder than words and most of you niggas got your button on mute... so im gonna attempt to help ya'll fools out. the most important thing is to make a female feel special (seeee ya'll over there thinking its so complicated to please us females)... whether she just a chick you messing with or she's your girl... if youre just feeling her you have to make a female feel special. were not with all that other shit ya'll fools be talking. But... sense this is such a broad topic im going to narrow it down to my guys who have a girl and they just cant get right... so you have a girl and ya'll been messing around for a while but lately she been beefing.. cause most of ya'll think after a while a female should just know you want her cause you still looming around, you thinking a female is never pleased you with her aint that enough to show her you want her... no, you have to make her feel special, at that point you dudes just let it all hang out, you say sly shit out your face, hang up on her you figure if you call her back she be happy that you did. now i aint saying you have to go buy your girl stuff (most of ya'll broke anyway lol) but im saying show her you care sometimes, take her out some where, do something wildly romantic without asking her, dont call her for sex and get mad cause its that time of the month (that insenuates that youre only there for one reason) DONT ASK FOR SEX! she will give it to you if you treat her right if not sex will become a task on her to-do list. trust me fellas you will appreciate this little jem i just dropped make your girl feel special, dont just tell her she's special. And watch what you say to a female because eventhough you may think she can take a joke a lot of times you negros be going to far, your girl wants to be your friend but not at the expense of being your lov3er (stop...think about it) so this is for the lovers who want to know what romance is 1. Tell your girl you love her (or if it isnt that serious yet that you "like" her a lot) 2. hold hands in public( yes extra high school'ish but it works) 3. tell everybody else you love her/like her (yes this works too try it) 4. Give her kisses for no reason at all (dont over do it though that gets annoying lol) 5. grabbing her but in public is ok lol (give her one of them white girl but grabs i know you seen it how white guys be grabbing they girl but with they flat ass lol its not over doing it but it still shows some type of public affection) 6. buy her a cute little gift 7. always meet her halfway, relationships are about equality 8. be honest with her and let her know how you feel, what you like about her and what you dont, dont hold anything back she has a right to know 9. dont show off around your boys 10. dont act up around her friends 11. theres more but this is long enough, lol

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