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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


FREE Dont know what it means further more dont know just what to do with it cant touch it or smell it see it nor breathe it gotta feel it inside express it in movement show it with confidence And consider it a state of mind no-one can bring you down no-one can lift you up you control your stride and have unlimited pride to me thats what it means to be free

It seems like i been waiting for this day my entire life and here it is. For me, Barack has given me a new sense of Pride. I've always been proud of who i am but now it just seems to bring a whole new meaning to who i am. To me he is so much of what i consider myself, strong, determined and....Cool as hell lol this one is for the man in my life (besides my daddy and God) Barack Houssein Obama (lets all hope i spelled his middle name right lol) you are the personification of Black Power!

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